Malaysian Islamic Party to Cancel Beyonce Concert

beyonce at a concertCourtesy of Reuters

 KUALA LAMPUR(REUTERS)  –  The Pan Malaysian Islamic Party(PAS) is calling for cancelling the American singer Beyonce Knowles concert in Malaysia, which is to be held on the 25 of October, in the capital.

 This incident would be the second when the Islamic opposition party has cancelled another concert for Beyonce in 2007, after citing moral issues.

 The image of liberal-Islamic Malaysia of 27 million people has been shaken after another concert for rock Canadian singer Avril Lavigne was cancelled last year, for allegations of misleading the Malaysian youth as the Vice President of (PAS) youth wing said to New Straits Times. And for the canning of a Malaysian woman caught drinking beer.

 Earlier this year the Party has banned Malaysian youth form attending a Guinness sponsored concert performed by Black Eyed Peas.  Although the ban was later lifted an official said the youth had to have better judgment.

 If Beyonce is allowed to hold the concert this would be the first time for her to perform in Malaysia as part of her global tour.

 Beyonce is also anticipated to perform in the opening of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix , the first ever Formula One race to be held in the state, next month.

-By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef

Why So serious? A New Vision on Campus


Why so serious? This phrase automatically clicks in our memory and we remember the impressive act of Heath Ledger (the Joker), in Batman’s latest movie “The Dark Knight”.

 This phrase was distributed all around the world, and could be the only part of the movie that is mostly remembered. Many of us have adopted the phrase in our jokes, poems, and even dressed up in Halloween as the Joker.  

 Lately, while walking around the American University in Cairo (AUC ) campus in New Cairo, many students have noticed two life-size joker statues standing on each side of a booth.

 A huge banner reads, “WHY SO SERIOUS?” I even thought that this booth was connected to Heath Ledger or the movie. However, it turned out to be a student club on campus recruiting members for the Fall semester.  “Continuous Entertainment” is a two year old student club that works to entertain AUC students year round.

 “We are aiming to entertain students during their studies, and this will be through different activities, and shows put on every week,” said Shehab Ahmed, the club’s executive general. The club is responsible for organizing games such as paint ball fights, sports competitions, stand-up comedy shows, and play station tournaments.

 “These events will be a good chance for students to get more relaxed and forget about the pressures of studying,” said Shehab.

 “Continuous Entertainment” has been recruiting students lately for the club’s Organization Committee (OC), and are planning to start their entertaining activities soon. They have already attracted a lot of students to join the club through their eye catching publicizing and the availability of free playstation in their booth.

-By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef

Hello world!

Guitar Festival at AUC!

There are guitars everywhere. Guitars have found a way into every musical style from pop to rap and even classical thus (Is this the first Guitar Festival?) The American University in Cairo is having a Guitar Festival to celebrate an instrument that everybody loves.

The two-week guitar festival, which will take place both at AUC’s New Cairo and Tahrir campuses, is scheduled to start on November 1 and end on November 13.

The festival will consist of three components; A series of concerts, Guitar workshops, and a Composing Competition.

The concerts will feature all of AUC guitar faculty including Nathan Fisher and Emad Hamdy, both playing classical Latin and Spanish, Dave Tawfik playing the Electric Guitar, and Bill Evenhouse playing the Steel String. Guest Guitarist, David Pavlovits, will from Budapest, Hungary also is scheduled to perform. Concerts are open to the public and admission is free.

The second component of the festival, the Guitar Workshops, is limited to AUC students. All students are welcome to attend the workshops with the exception of the advanced Master Classes. Taught by a foreign guitar celebrity as a privilege, these classes are restricted to students taking applied private guitar instruction at AUC.

The third part of the festival is the Composing Competition. The competition aims at increasing the reputation of the guitar here in Egypt. Any Egyptian who writes music for the guitar in Egyptian national style, whether living in the country or abroad, can compete. A reward of a 1000 Egyptian pounds will be given to the First Prize Winner, 500 Egyptian pounds for the Second Prize Winner, and 250 Egyptian Pounds for the Third Prize Winner.

“It’s very important to keep a festival atmosphere festive,” said Music Professor Nathan Fisher, “and in order to do that you have to include people from the outside [both performers and spectators], and that gets people from the outside excited about AUC and what’s going on here plus they get to see the new campus and they get to learn more about what’s going on here by seeing that we have really high quality programs and teachers.”

 “It’s the first year an event of that sort takes place in AUC and it will hopefully be foreshadowing other new festivals that  come to AUC including an Arabic music festival that we’re hoping will happen next semester,” Fisher added.

Lookout for posters and publicity to appear soon. Instead of the same old café outings, take your friends, and your boyfriend or girlfriend to the guitar concert. If you have access to a guitar make use of your free time and join the workshops. And if you write music, or are interested in writing music, for the guitar, this maybe your chance to be recognized and you might end up with a thousand pounds in your hands.

By Nouran Khalil