Why So serious? A New Vision on Campus


Why so serious? This phrase automatically clicks in our memory and we remember the impressive act of Heath Ledger (the Joker), in Batman’s latest movie “The Dark Knight”.

 This phrase was distributed all around the world, and could be the only part of the movie that is mostly remembered. Many of us have adopted the phrase in our jokes, poems, and even dressed up in Halloween as the Joker.  

 Lately, while walking around the American University in Cairo (AUC ) campus in New Cairo, many students have noticed two life-size joker statues standing on each side of a booth.

 A huge banner reads, “WHY SO SERIOUS?” I even thought that this booth was connected to Heath Ledger or the movie. However, it turned out to be a student club on campus recruiting members for the Fall semester.  “Continuous Entertainment” is a two year old student club that works to entertain AUC students year round.

 “We are aiming to entertain students during their studies, and this will be through different activities, and shows put on every week,” said Shehab Ahmed, the club’s executive general. The club is responsible for organizing games such as paint ball fights, sports competitions, stand-up comedy shows, and play station tournaments.

 “These events will be a good chance for students to get more relaxed and forget about the pressures of studying,” said Shehab.

 “Continuous Entertainment” has been recruiting students lately for the club’s Organization Committee (OC), and are planning to start their entertaining activities soon. They have already attracted a lot of students to join the club through their eye catching publicizing and the availability of free playstation in their booth.

-By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef

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