Designer Face Masks… The New Accessory?

CV mask 05Wearing a facemask in public to help protect yourself from swine flu is mainly considered an embarrassment; but will trendy designer facemasks become the new accessory?

It has been advised by doctors and officials to try to take the fullest measures in protecting ourselves against swine flu, ranging from constant care about personal hygiene, to avoiding crowded place and public areas. However, one of the most advisable tips for protection against the swine flu is wearing protectivefacemasks whenever in public.

Facemasks are designed to stop droplets from exiting and entering the person wearing the mask, thus contaminating him or others with the virus.

So to promote the usage of facemasks and lessen the embarrassment, a solution was created: the designer facemask. It’s the ultimate way to merge safety and health with style and fashion.

Designer brands like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein are offering face masks that come in black cotton and denim. Louis Vuitton is also offering facemasks that come in Italien leather, Kentucky charcoal, and Egyptian cotton, with it’s trademark LV printed on it. Prada also has a spring line of facemasks.

What’s truly flashy about the facemasks as well is the fact that they have small essence compartments that make the world smell like roses, cinnamon buns, frankincense and musk.

“That’s strickly extravagance,” said Political Science Freshman Dalia Abbas, “it’s completely ridiculous.”

“I definitely don’t think they will be the new trend in AUC,” said Senior Injy Ibrahim, “because I don’t think they’re actually going to go that far with the brand facemasks. We still haven’t reached that point where people actually wear designer facemasks. I think they might try to re-decorate them in some sort, but not to the extent of buying a Louis Vuitton facemask.”

“We haven’t seen them yet, but obviously yes. No one knows about these designer masks yet, but when they do know, I think they definitely will be in AUC.” said Farah Marwan, a Freshman.

“I think that’s ridiculous and frankly I think the whole fascination with material, designer objects is ridiculous,” said Abbas, “and there so much better things that you could be spending your money on. I don’t think AUCians are that superficial.”

According to Dr. Mohamed Amin, Director of the Department of Medical Services at AUC, there is no recommendation whatsoever obliging students to wear face masks until now from the WHO. Dr. Amin said that in an H1N1 conference at the World Health Organization protocol for wearing facemasks is for positive H1N1 patients, physicians and nurses treating them, and the workers responsible for food and hygiene, but students are not obliged to wear facemasks yet. Recommendation to follow the etiquette of sneezing, coughing and personal hygiene is what’s necessary .

An H1N1 educational session will be held next Sunday, October 11, hosting guest speaker Dr. Awad Tag el Din, former Egyptian minister of Health, who’s originally a physician specialized in respiratory system diseases.

Upcoming episodes of The Hills will also feature these designer facemasks. So will AUC protect itself from swine flu in style?

According to Abbas, “Sooner or later designer facemasks will show up in AUC. Sooner or Later.”

-By Nouran Khalil

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