Flute, Viola, and Piano Trio Perform Magic

DSC02258A Trio recital of Flute, Viola, and Piano took place on Wednesday, at the Malak Gabr Arts Theatre in the American University in Cairo.

The Recital was a classical music recital which featured Ranya Yehya on the flute, her younger sister Rasha Yehya on the Viola, along with renowned pianist Elena Dzamashvili. The concert was sponsored by the Music department at the American university in Cairo.

A selection of pieces ranging from the Classical Era all the way to the Modern Era were performed starting by a beautiful piece, Trio No. 7, composed by Mozart, the composer who’s known to have written some of the most beautiful music in history. The sonata-Allegro form piece is made up of three movements, an Andante, a Minuetto, and an Allegretto. Following the piece by Mozart was the piece
 S Kytici v ruce by Czech composer and violinist Josef Suk. Then the performers performed a piece by Georg Büchner, Ungarischer Tanz, which had a beautiful Spanish/Latin flavor to it.

After that Marchchenerzahlungen Opus 132 by Robert Schumann was performed. The piece is a large scale piece consisting of four movements; an Alegretto, a Vivace e ben marcato, an Andante espresso con tenrezza, and ending with an Allegro marcato. And finally, the finale of the recital was an amazingly beautiful Nocturne by Vaja Azarashvili. The piece was the most stunning piece of the whole recital; it was a picturesque flowing legato.

Ranya Yehya and Rasha Yehya are sisters. They have both been playing their instruments for 20 years. Ranya plays the Flute, while Rasha plays the Viola. They both graduated from the Cairo Conservatory. They performed in AUC several times before, especially in Ewart Memorial Hall down in Tahrir Campus. They’re very passionate about their instruments and they play together quite often. They perform regularly at the Cairo Opera House and the French Institute.  Ranya performs with the Cairo Opera Orchestra, and Rasha performs with the Cairo Orchestra Symphony. They’ve also performed abroad several times in Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Austria, Russia, Germany, and Italy.

Elena Dzamashvili is a well recognized, prominent Pianist. She graduated with distinction from the Conservatory of Tbilisi in Georgia. Dzamashvili performed as a soloist, and accompanist, and taught piano at the Georgia Conservatory. She recorded many works for the Radio and the Television of Georgia. She has an active role in piano teaching, and she also teaches at AUC, along with the Cairo Conservatory and the English School. Her students have won many national and international awards.

At the beginning of the concert, Dr. Ashraf Fouad, professor of music at the AUC music department, introduced the performance and performers and greeted the audience. The audience was not a very large audience.

The Yehya sisters along with Ms. Dzamashvili are scheduled to perform again in Ewart Memorial Hall on October 14th, with an even richer program.

According to Dr. John Baboukis, Director of the music program at AUC, this was the first of a series of concerts that are all going to take place on Wednesdays, at assembly hour, in either the Malak Gabr Arts Theatre or the Shrjah Art Gallery, both located in the department of Performing and Visual Arts.

-By Nouran Khalil


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