Guitar, Guitar, Wherever You Are!

CV Gfst 18The guitar’s everywhere. Guitars have found a way into every style from pop to rap to classical. Which is the reason why the American University in Cairo is having a Guitar Festival. It’s a festival to celebrate an instrument that everybody loves. It’s a festival to celebrate the guitar.

The two-week guitar festival, which will take place both in the AUC New Cairo campus and the Tahrir camps, will start on Nov. 1 and end on Nov. 13.

The festival will be made up of three components; A series of concerts, Guitar workshops, and a Composing Competition.

The series of concerts will be made up of four concerts. The concerts will feature all of AUC guitar faculty including Nathan Fisher, who plays classical Latin and Spanish, Emad Hamdy, who also plays Classical Latin and Spanish style, Dave Tawfik, who plays Electric Guitar, and Bill Evenhouse, who plays the Steel String. There will also be a guest Guitarist coming in from Budapest, Hungary, David Pavlovits, and who will also give a concert. Concerts are open to everyone, AUC students and non-AUC students, and admission is free.

The second aspect of the festival will be a series of Guitar Workshops. Workshops are limited to AUC students. All students are welcome to attend. There will be other advance classes called Master Classes, where students get to be tutored by a foreign guitar celebrity as a privilege, however these classes are restricted to students who are taking applied private guitar instruction at AUC.

The third, and most exciting part of the festival is the Composing Competition. Any Egyptian who writes music for the guitar in Egyptian national style, doesn’t matter if they’re living in the country or abroad, can compete. The competition is aiming at increasing the repertory for the guitar here in Egypt. A reward of a 1000 Egyptian pounds will be given to the First Prize Winner, 500 Egyptian pounds for the Second Prize Winner, and 250 Egyptian Pounds for the Third Prize Winner.

“It’s very important to keep a festival atmosphere festive,” Said Music Professor Nathan Fisher, “and in order to do that you have to include people from the outside [both performers and spectators], and that gets people from the outside excited about AUC and what’s going on here plus they get to see the new campus and they get to learn more about what’s going on here seeing that we have really high quality programs and teachers.”

 “It’s the first year an event of that sort takes place in AUC and It will hopefully be foreshadowing other new festivals that  come to AUC including an Arabic music festival that we’re hoping will happen next semester,” Fisher added.

So lookout for posters and lookout for publicity. Maybe you could take your friends, and your boyfriends or girlfriends to a cool guitar concert instead of the same old café outings. If you have a guitar, or if you can borrow one from a friend, make use of your free time and join the workshops. And if you write music, or if you’re interested in writing music, for the guitar, maybe this is your chance to be recognized, and who knows, you might end up with a thousand pounds on your hands.

-By Nouran Khalil


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