“Egypt Through The Lens”: Art of History

If you think you have seen, or know everything about Egypt well think twice, because you haven’t seen it all. Whether you like Egyptian cinema, or you have a grip for architecture or night life in Cairo, you don’t have to look far.  Now you have the chance to see Egypt in a totally different way through the lens of a photographer.

The newest photography exhibition at the American University of Cairo (AUC), titled “Egypt Through The Lens”, takes you on a tour through different stages and phases in the history and culture of Egypt.

Through the lens of different photographers you will find images of actors, crafts men, the Friday prayers, night life in Egypt, people living in Upper Egypt and the Nile flooding.

“ I like the exhibition very much as it shows different aspects of Egypt” said Riham Ali Kassim, Art student. “It shows media and Islam, and other aspects of Egyptian life.”

In the exhibition you will see photos of famous Egyptian actors like Omar el Sherif, Mariam Fakhr el Din. There are also many impressive photos of Islamic Cairo, whether photos of the sun light passing through‘Arabisic’ windows;  architecture dating back to the Islamic period of Cairo.

The photographers have also taken shots of Egyptian crafters at work in Khan el Khalili, and Egyptian workers in Upper Egypt.

Despite the little publicizing the exhibition got, the university’s  president Arnold had visited it with a group of visitors.

“This is a soft opening exhibition, it wasn’t hardly announced for” said Dr. Shems Friedlander, lecturer and director in the Mass Communication Department.

Several students also visit the gallery but not quiet a lot, thus most of the time the gallery is relatively empty.

“About 10-15 people come to visit the gallery everyday” said Sameh Mahmud the gallery security.

One of the images that turned out to be a favorite to students was the image of a little kid looking straight into the camera while two men next to him very praying at the Friday prayers.

“I really like the picture of the little kid and the Arabisc window” said Kassim.

The exhibition is part of the series of shows the Sony Gallery, puts on through the year.

Created about 20 years ago and visited by about a 1000 each year, the Sony Gallery  hosts a lot of work by  professional photographers, to introduce photography to the AUC students and the community at large.

Outsiders are welcome to visit the gallery which is open everyday and will stay on show till the 8th of November in the Plaza level of the Business, Economics and Communications building (BEC).

-By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef


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