Pantomime Pioneer

CV mime 28Under a white face mask and red lips, Ahmed Nabil brings life into nothingness.

Of his funniest and most interesting acts was “The Traffic Officer”, where he mimed being a Traffic Officer in Egypt, in Egyptian Traffic, harassing a girl passing on the street causing a catastrophe on the road. The way he mimed this particular act was very creative and very Egyptian like, which was extremely funny.

In another act of his, “The Diplomat Acts in a Diplomatic Way”, was also hilarious, in which he mimed being an Egyptian diplomat in need of responding to nature’s call. Related to this same theme was another one of his acts “No Comment!” where he mimes being an Egyptian on the can.

Nabil is considered to be one of the pioneers of the art of Pantomime in the Arab world. He is ranked one of the best Twenty Pantomime artists all over the world. He performs a wide array of performances at the Cairo Opera House, The Sawy Culture Wheel, and many other countries abroad such as Germany, India, Australia, Russia, and Italy. He’s one of the Egyptian pioneers who directs and composes Pantomime performances in Germany.

Nabil received numerous certificates praising his talent. He participated in many movies. T.V shows, series, plays, and many others. He gave lectures about Pantomime at The American University in Cairo, along with Alexandria University, being Alexandrian himself.

Nabil performed a wide range of acts such as “The Balloons’ Seller and the Child”, “Two Statues for a Man and a Woman”, “The Surgeon and his First Surgery”, and “The Birthday Cake”.

The music was entertaining. It was very versatile. It ranged from Classical music remixes, such as a remix of Mozart’s Symphony number 40, and silly children’s rhymes, to Egyptian Folklore music, which played between acts. Music was put together by Hany Shenoda.

Nabil was dressed in a traditional Pantomime costume, black shirt and leggings, with white tights and ballet shoes. His black top had three Lotus flowers on it, which their purpose was unfathomable. Costumes and make-up were done by Amany Wasfy.

Pantomime is a musical-comedy theatre production. It Is presumed one of the most complicated types of art, whereas the performer acts out characters, setting, time, sets, props, and the whole environment, on an empty stage.

-By Nouran Khalil

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