Trick and Treating Toddlers

DSC02290Wearing little pumpkin masks and necklaces, toddlers go trick-or-treating in the midst of the AUC Plaza.

Escorted by teachers and their teaching assistants, the sons and daughters of teachers and students parade from AUC’s daycare center to the library as a tribute to Halloween.

In preparation for the event, the children decorated Halloween masks, macaroni and pumpkin necklaces, and pumpkin headbands.

Later, toddlers went back to the center for a Halloween Party, where they would sing, dance, and eat Halloween treats. The daycare center is also a pre-school center.

“They are learning many things in order to prepare them for school,” said Derbala.

Each year, the daycare center holds parties and parades for toddlers for every major celebration. They also hold parades and parties for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Bairam.

“It’s a big treat for the children going out [of the center],” said daycare center teacher Zizi Derbala.

-By Nouran Khalil

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