“I Want Your Soul”, “Sorry Not Today”

zombies Candles, pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, witches are what you would see in every Halloween party you attend.  Recently in Egypt more and more young people celebrate Halloween, and this Thursday I attended the party at AUC done by the Theatre Club and the SU’s Continuous  Entertainment.

Well, I thought it would be like any other party I have been to since I was in high school where you would dress up in some old white blanket you find in your attic, or an old curtain that you turn into a cloak. There would be loud music that you jam to with your friends and then get some pumpkin and witch shaped candy when you going home.

 The day began with a an AUCian band playing rock music during assembly hour and getting the students warmed up for the party at night.

 Later, as it got darker I have seen a lot of some Jokers, a Frankenstein, quiet a few wicked witches and vampires and clowns and strangely enough a Romeo, walking around campus.

  But this Halloween party was very different. The theatre club did really do a tremendous amount of work putting skeletons on every palm tree, and candles and pumpkins everywhere leading to the haunted castle. They had really managed to transform a part of the university, to one scary haunted castle and totally put the chill down everyone who entered.

 Whether you get scared from people screaming at the top of their lungs from behind curtains, or a clown that had a pupil less eye with a cross on or a bride sucking the blood of her groom; it was all there.

However, this may seem bizarre to some, the one that really made me shiver and feel weird was the idea of people dressed as zombies. Please do not get me wrong I have nothing against zombies, but the idea of these people screaming like maniacs and demanding your “soul”, was way too much for me to handle. I mean I didn’t feel like selling my soul to the devil that day!

There was also no music available to entertain those waiting in line to enter the hunted castle. A band called “Soul Revival” was supposed to playing Cold Play songs, but they have not been able to come due to some difficulties, thus leaving a few 100 students waiting bored in line, or scaring each other.

 People left happy and scared, many were going to other parties or trick and treating. I left thinking of a macabre situation where someone wanted my soul. Well, sorry not today!

 By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef

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